A Creative Process, by Joe Mahoney

In which Joe Mahoney reflects upon the creative process for his debut novel, A Time and a Place. I wrote the first words of the novel that eventually became A Time and a Place in July 1988. I made the final correction to the manuscript about a week ago, in April 2017. So technically it took me almost 29 years to finish the novel. I hasten to add, I haven’t been working on it all that time….

Joe Mahoney signs with Five Rivers Publishing

Joe Mahoney signed with Five Rivers Publishing for his forthcoming SF novel A Time and Place. Mahoney met with Dr. Robert Runté , Senior Editor of Five River Publishing, at CANCON 2015 (The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature) in Ottawa on October 30th. Dr, Runté found Mahoney’s novel “truly unique” with its “fast-paced and twisty adventure… with its undercurrent [of] humour”. Dr. Runté further added A Time and Place possess an…