Den Valdron is a reclusive and somewhat mysterious writer living somewhere on the Canadian prairie. Over the years, he has published in print and online a variety of short stories of speculative fiction and articles on obscure pop culture topics.

He’s published a previous novel with Five Rivers Publishing, The Mermaid’s Tale, set in the same universe as The Luck. Other published works of fiction include Dawn of Cthulhu, Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs and Bear Cavalry. Nonfiction works include Lexx Unauthorized, and The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories.

Growing up working at a drive-in movie theatre, prepared him for the usual quirky assortment of writers jobs, carpenter, mechanic, ditch-digger, school teacher, woodcutter, journalist and lawyer. It also cultivated a love for B-movies, and the obscure, quirky delights of life.

He likes interesting people and boring food; does his best to be nice to others but probably isn’t terribly good at it. He can be found online at: and at

Mermaid's Tale