by C.P. Hoff
August 1, 2016

Longlisted 2017 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

A Town Called Forget is Anne of Green Gables turned on its head. But in this tale it is not an over-imaginative redheaded orphan that takes center stage but the off-beat town itself, full of individuals that should be restrained if not medicated. And the poor heroine of this yarn, banished to live with her Aunt Lily whom her parents have never publicly recognized, has to navigate the delicate balance between her aunt’s sanity and neuroses. Amid adventures and misadventures, she learns about patience, tolerance and even love.

A tender and often hilarious debut novel from Alberta writer, C.P. Hoff

The discordant notes come from a wit and sauciness that would make Oscar Wilde proud.


This humorous Canadian story is completely different. From everything. Maybe it’s Anne of Green Gables with a little Alice Through the Looking Glass thrown in.

Tim Armstrong

author of Avians

You will probably never come across a town like Forget, it’s a one of a kind and I marvel at the creative thought processes of C.P. Hoff in giving us this town. There’s also a secret, a well hidden secret, that is slowly revealed and was quite a surprise. Like the town’s slogan says “Forget is a place that you won’t forget” and so is this book!


Trade Paperback 6 x 9, 288 pages, $26.99
ISBN 97819274034

EPUB $5.99
eISBN 9781988274041