by Alison Lohans

September 1, 2018

Being a single mom at 15 is tough! Biking along the creek, all Katie wants is a few moments peace away from her teething baby, her bratty brother, her nagging mom, and her callous classmates. Finding a quiet spot to reflect on the unfairness of it all, she sits on a rock—and falls out of the world.

Being the very last apprentice in a centuries-unbroken line is unthinkable! Mourning the death of his mentor, Iannik and everyone else knows he lacks the True Sight to take her place as Seer.  Without a Seer to summon the T’laaure, the prophesies will go unfulfilled, and the last remnants of his people will face a bleak, directionless future.

Two worlds on the verge of ecological collapse: one already doomed by its lack of vision, the other by a vision unfulfilled. Can a group of teens find each other—and more importantly, themselves—in time to save at least one world?

Alison Lohans is an award-winning, internationally-published author of 26 books.

Trade paperback 6 x 9, 402 pages, $33.99

ISBN 9781988274461

EPUB format, $4.99

ISBN 9781988274478