The Old Stone HouseFive Rivers Publishing has been giving voice to new and established Canadian authors since 2008. We’re committed to bringing publishing back to uncompromising personal editors where it belongs, rather than focus-group marketing.

We publish real books by real authors for real readers, and employ print-on-demand technologies as part of responsible management of environmental and financial resources: by printing only the books required, rather than warehousing thousands, we save trees, energy and capital expenditures, while reducing pollution. We also produce eBooks as part of that mandate.
Five Rivers is committed to producing quality books that have benefited from the scrutiny of a good editor, with attention to layout and cover design. We work closely with our authors throughout the process. And we are very aggressive in our marketing, ensuring both our authors and our titles receive the best possible exposure in the global marketplace.
Cat's Game
The Boy on the Bicycle
Caliban cover
One Velvet Glove
A Time and a Place
A Poisoned Prayer
Eocene Station
Mermaid's Tale
Shadow Song
Pillar of Darkness
The Runner and the Wizard
Western King
Western King
The Eye of Strife
Hunter's Daughter
King Kwong
A Touch of Poison
Wasps at the Speed of Sound
A Quiet Place
Out of Time
Black Wine
Things Falling Apart
Growing Up Bronx
North by 2000+
Al Capone