On being a small publisher

First the shock wave In the past few weeks there has been a bit of a tremour run through the small press world in Canada, particularly in the SF&F community. First it started with discussion of lack of payment and royalty statements from one Alberta publisher, along with complaints of unfulfilled contracts, lack of communication, dismissive attitude. Then the bomb hit about an Ontario small press publisher which specialized in horror and dark fiction with…

The Gilded Chain now in audiobook

Dave Duncan’s first novel in the King’s Blades The first novel in Dave Duncan’s wildly popular King’s Blades series, The Gilded Chain, is now available in audiobook, masterfully narrated by Austin Vanfleet. This introduction to The King’s Blades sets the stage for the eight novels which streamed from that remarkable imagination of Duncan’s. As unwanted and rebellious boys, the King’s Blades find refuge in Ironhall…. Years later, they emerge as the finest swordsmen in the realm—a magical ritual of a sword through…

Creepy books for Halloween

I’m a bit late on the uptake here. But if you’re looking for some creepy books for tonight’s reading, or creepy reading anytime, allow me to tempt you with these. Links are all attached to images. All available in trade paperback, ebook, and some as audiobook. Ann Marston’s A Still and Bitter Grave, is a suspenseful paranormal novel set in Alberta. Lorina Stephens’ From mOuntains of Ice explores a culture which is guided by the dead D.G….

Cory Doctorow features Michael Skeet on BoingBoing

The legendary Cory Doctorow features Michael Skeet on his well-known site BoingBoing, where Michael writes about his latest deliciously intriguing historical fantasy, A Tangled Weave.  A Tangled Weave is the second novel in The French Intrigues series. It’s available in trade paperback and ebook directly from Five Rivers, and your favourite online bookseller.

Great 4-stars for A Tangled Weave

LibraryThing reviewer gives four stars to Michael Skeet’s second novel in The French Intrigues series, A Tangled Weave. This is a highly enjoyable romp through the lives of French aristocrats, smugglers and the poorest of Paris during the 17th century. The impoverished protagonist, Mlle. Victoire de Berenguer from a noble family, has found a way to smuggle fanciful dyed cotton into the City. She earns an income using her entrée into the highest levels of society and an…