Book 1, Tales of the Nameless

by D.G. Valdron
August 1, 2016

Shortlisted for the 2018 Kevin Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction, through the Manitoba Book Awards

In a city of majesty and brutality, of warring races and fragile alliances, a sacred mermaid has been brutally murdered. An abomination, a soulless Arukh is summoned to hunt the killer. As the world around the Arukh drifts into war and madness, her search for justice leads her on a journey to discover redemption and even beauty in the midst of chaos.

The Mermaid’s Tale is violent and brutal and haunting and beautiful. Highly recommended.

Michael R. Fletcher, Beyond Redemption, and 88

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Fantasy fans, read this book for a different perspective, I can guarantee you will be thinking about it for a long wile after you have read the last word.


I’ll admit that this book is quite far out of my comfort zone. It is a genre that I rarely read and within the first few pages, assumed that I would not be able to enjoy. But I was so wrong. This story is raw and painful and in many places quite ugly. There is war and murder and rage. But the story starts to weave so intricately that it draws you in and makes you feel invested in it.


I would never have thought a book about an orc would be one of the best existential works I’ve ever read.


This novel is hauntingly beautiful, heart breaking & will leave you breathless.


6 x 9 Trade Paperback, 462 pages, $38.99
ISBN 9781927400975

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ISBN 9781927400982

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