The Eye of Strife

by Dave Duncan
April 1, 2015

Sword fights and romance, miracles and mystery, treachery and sly humour….

A god summons a curious assortment of witnesses to his temple to testify on what they know about a jewel that was lost a thousand years ago. At least one of them is guilty. Others are lying….

Dave Duncan at his devious best.

That this is his 50th book had escaped my notice until today; it’s an accomplishment worthy of applause. The Eye of Strife is a page-turner from start to the all-too-soon climax.


Trade paperback 6 x 9, 200 pages
ISBN 9781927400791 $20.99

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EPUB format
eISBN 9781927400807 $4.99

Now available as audiobook from iTunes, Amazon and Audible.