Growing Up Bronx

by H. A. Hargreaves
April 1, 2012

Growing Up Bronx allows readers a poignant insight into the mentors and influences that shaped one of Canada’s brilliant writers of science fiction.

Hargreaves takes you through the Great Depression and WWII, in his native Bronx neighbourhood, into the lives of shopkeepers and family, heartache and triumph.
This is definitely a must-have collection of short stories to complete the canon of H.A. Hargreaves’ work.

Deceptively simple writing weaves the reader in to stories of the author’s early years in the Bronx. Characters are drawn with clean, deft stokes that bring a remarkable cast to life as richly full, complex, almost heart-breakingly real people, just as their influence mapped out the makings of the author. Hargreaves’ encompassing settings and spare, clear language transport the reader to a time and place that are no more, and we are improved by the journey.


This collection of short stories takes you on a personal journey through the eyes of H.A Hargreaves, which is utterly mesmerizing and truly captivating throughout. It is an insight so truthful on one of the most fascinating and influential writer’s from Canada, who takes the science fiction genre to astounding new heights. Reading this book was like opening a window into the hearts of those who write with passion, enthusiasm, creative spirit and enjoyment, thus sharing their ideas and visions with the world so that others are able to enjoy and share their creative imaginings. You are taken on a journey of discovery where the very roots and foundations of inspiration are formed to produce the most spectacular outcomes; from the great depression and World War two in his native Bronx neighborhood to the lives of those individuals that surrounded him impacting on his life. For those who are already a fan of H.A Hargreaves then this book is a must have, as it tells you the inspiration behind the creativity of a genre that is not easy to write about nor write about with such originality, uniqueness and skill. Every single story is thoroughly engaging and fascinating from beginning to end, being a book that is a must read for this year being something that you are completely unable to put down.


Trade paperback 6 x 9, 144 pages
ISBN 9781927400005 $16.99

EPUB format
ISBN 9781927400012 $4.99