North by 2000+

by H. A. Hargreaves
March 1, 2012

H.A. Hargreaves is one of Canada’s remarkable, one might even say legendary, speculative fiction writers.

He is a retired professor of English, formerly at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), and was twice nominated (1982 and 1983) for the Lifetime Contributions category in the Prix Auroras, and was awarded that honour in 2015. His collection of short stories, North by 2000, in its time received wide critical acclaim from both peers and periodicals.
Five Rivers is pleased to offer the rebirth of that remarkable collection of short stories by Hargreaves. This new edition, entitled North by 2000+, features not only all the quintessentially Canadian stories of the first edition, but five additional published short works, along with a foreword from the author, and an introduction by Dr. Robert Runté.

If you’ve never read Hargreaves’ short stories and enjoy those by Clarke, Asimiov, Niven, etc., then do yourself a favour and read this book! For readers who are familiar with Hargreaves already, read it anyway.


This book is more than just classic science fiction with familiar names and places. The stories feel Canadian, and Hargreaves is a hell of a writer to so beautifully package what that means.

J.W. Schnarr

author of A Quiet Place, and Things Falling Apart

This is a wonderful collection of old-fashioned hard science fiction combined with thoughtful sociological extrapolation that is, in some ways, dated, yet still intensely relevant. Quite a feat!

Amazing Stories

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ISBN 9780986642371 $25.99

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