Eocene Station

Shortlisted for the 2017 Endeavour Award

October 1, 2016

by Dave Duncan

A new Dave Duncan novel is always a reason to celebrate, and his trademark blend of high adventure, hard science, and wry humour makes Eocene Station a must read.

K. N. ‘Cannon’ Ball and his superstar wife, Tempest, are running for their lives. Cannon has exposed a fraud so huge even heads of government are implicated and determined to keep Cannon from ever testifying. Nowhere is safe, so they step out of time to a research station fifty million years in the past. The dinosaurs died out eons ago and there aren’t any people around, so they ought to be safe then, right? Wrong, very wrong!

Absolutely smashing.


…brilliant settings, plot, action and character development…entirely enjoyable.


Trade paperback 6 x 9, 320 pages
ISBN 9781988274058 $28.99

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EPUB format
eISBN 9781988274058 $4.99

Also available as audiobook from iTunes, Audible and Amazon

artwork by James Beveridge