The Great Sky

by D.G. Laderoute

August 1, 2016


The first time Piper Preach died he was ten years old. But the Anishnaabe spirits thought otherwise.

Now, six year later, Piper struggles with the hard realities of life in a big city. The ancient ways of his people are a distant memory. But the spirits aren’t done with him.

Pulled into their bizarre world, the place the Anishnaabe call The Great Sky, he’s plunged into the middle of a brutal war raging just a step away from reality. And this time there may be no escaping death – or even worse.

Trade paperback 6 x 9, 358 pages
ISBN 9781927400999 $30.99

EPUB format
ISBN 9781988274003 $4.99

Available in audiobook from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

interior art by Patrick Hunter

interior art by Patrick Hunter