by Ann Marston

December 1,  2016

From bestselling author, Ann Marston, comes a gripping new tale of memory and dream.

Colin Fraser was a pilot at home and happy in the air, whether strapping on a 737 or his old Stinson.

He’d dreamed of flying since childhood, and the dream had sustained him. But when that dream turned to a nightmare of a broken airplane smashing into rocks and water, he began to wonder if the dream was his own…or was it someone else’s memory? And if so, whose?

Finding the answer takes him on a journey to the wilds of northern Canada, and to the edge of reality…and sanity.

Trade paperback 6 x 9, 370 pages, $31.99

ISBN 9781988274096

EPUB format, $4.99

eISBN 9781988274102