by Dave Duncan
March 1, 2014


The second in Dave Duncan’s witty and well-crafted The Adventures of Ivor series.

Earl Malcolm has reason to fear the ferocious Northmen raiders of the Western Isles are going to attack the land of Alba, so he sends Ivor on a desperate mission with a chest of silver to buy them off.

But the situation Ivor finds when he reaches the Wolf’s Lair is even worse than he was led to expect. Only a miracle can save him now.

Wonderfully continued with the aplomb you expect from this master; the prologue alone is enough to make you buy and keep reading.


The author demonstrates a fluid, intelligent writing style….


Trade paperback 6 x 9, 114 pages
ISBN 9781927400531 $14.99

EPUB format
ISBN 9781927400548 $4.99