by Alicia Hendley
April 1, 2015


The gripping sequel to Type

With more and more people who refuse to follow Typology’s rules being Ended, thirteen year old Sophie and other members of the Group know time is running out to make society aware of just how evil The Association of Psychologists truly is.

The Group seeks help from the Tens, a band of men who have been secretly fighting against The Association’s twisted use of Myers-Briggs personality typing since they were boys.
Together they attempt to slowly spread the truth about Typology to the public, in the hopes of building up a large enough resistance to overthrow The Association. Suddenly, plans change and the Group must act quickly, or risk losing all they’ve fought for. Ultimately, everything depends on knowing who can be trusted and who cannot. With so much at stake, Sophie rapidly learns all is not as it seems.

…what really grabbed me was the portrayal of people with autism, which included characters on different parts of the spectrum. The book explores ableism, both on a societal level and an individual level. And there’s even a discussion about the r-slur being cruel. Honestly, I’d never encountered a novel before that talked about derogatory comments like that and why they’re unacceptable, so it was great to see Type2 do that; I wish it weren’t a rare thing, but I’m glad it appears here.


…held me hostage all the way through.


EPUB format
eISBN 9781927400869 $4.99