by Nate Hendley
November 1, 2012


Imagine being a 14 year-old boy who takes a classmate on a bike ride one spring evening.

In the days to follow, the classmate is found dead and you stand accused of rape and murder. There’s no direct physical evidence tying you to the crime, but that doesn’t matter. In a lightning fast trial you are convicted and sentenced to death. As far as the press and public are concerned, you are guilty and deserve to die. Such was the fate of Steven Truscott, living with his family on an army base in small-town Ontario in 1959. Read the shocking true story of a terrible case of injustice and the decades long  fight to clear Truscott’s name.

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The following is a video of a crime writer panels on which Nate appeared, November 23, 2017, at the Toronto Reference Library. He appears beginning at the 23-minute mark.


Very to the point. Fine telling of a local tale …. justice gone wrong. Much praise for Nate Hendley. Very informative.


It was a great book. It was a page-turner which tells of a boy who none of us ever thought would be at the center of Canadian legal history, all because he was the last person to see his classmate disappear (and die), all because he gave her a bike ride across the bridge towards the highway (where he dropped her off) and saw a car come up.


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