by Patrick Lima and John Scanlan
June 7, 2011


In The Organic Home Garden, Patrick and John, take readers step-by-step through the engaging process of growing the best possible food — from spring’s first spinach, asparagus and salad greens, through the summer abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and all, right into fall’s harvest of squash, leeks, carrots and potatoes.

Often, a small timely tip makes all the difference, and this dynamic team leaves nothing out. Whether you tend a small city yard, a full-size country garden or something in between, their instructive, easy to follow and often humorous advice will ensure you make the very best use of the space you have — and you can’t get any more local, seasonal and organic than food from your own yard.

Combine this with John’s unique and vibrant artistic paintings, and you have a book that stands out from the wall of glossy, manufactured gardening publications, making

The Organic Home Garden a stand-alone, stand-out book sure to intrigue and capture gardeners, artists and customers who conduct their lives to a different rhythm.

A perfect companion for Lorina Stephens’ Stonehouse Cooks.

Reading Patrick Lima’s eloquent, practical The Organic Home Garden is like having a mentor stand beside us as we sow and reap.

Betty Fox

Garden Making Magazine

This book was written in a very accessible way by an author who, by trial and error, now has a magnificent looking and bountiful garden. The book is nicely broken down with similar plants forming their own chapter and takes you through seeding to harvest, with a few recipes at the end for your bounty.


If you want to fall in love with gardening this is one that will surely get you on your way.


I would highly recommend this book for any level of gardening knowledge.


Trade paperback 7 x 10, 336 pages
ISBN 9780986542756 $40.99

EPUB format
eISBN 9780986642357 $9.99