Caliban cover

March 1, 2018

Tine desires beauty, and freedom from his home. When called to find a missing ambassador to a society of artists, he risks everything for the pursuit of that desire, only to find illusion can be reality, and reality illusion. Sanity is subjective. And it is possible life, even beauty, can be found in unexpected places and forms.

This is a wonderful, well crafted story of hard science fiction where the plot depends on science. The characters are engaging. The theme that we can miss what is intelligence, and in our own societies, the values of other cultures, is thought provoking

David A. Wimsett

author of the Carandir Saga

An enjoyable, intriguing SciFi/Fantasy read.


Interstellar intrigue and a main character that is out of the ordinary make for an interesting mix.


Rich with characters and character, Caliban marries gorgeous prose and emotional punch.

Michael R. Fletcher

author of the Manifest Delusions series

Trade paperback 6 x 9, 272 pages

ISBN 9781988274348



ISBN 9781988274355


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