Dreams of the Moon

June 2021

A new collection of 10 fantastica short stories by Lorina Stephens. Darkness and light. Wonder and sorrow. The ambiguity, sometimes, of reflected illumination: Dreams of the Moon.

In this new collection of both previously published and new short fiction, Lorina presents a progression from darker, sometimes horrific stories which explore religious mythology, mental health, and the beloved dead, to the more light-hearted explorations of spirit guides and illustrations made manifest.

Trade paperback 6 x 9, 104 pages

ISBN 9781988274690 $16.99



ISBN 9781988274706 $9.99

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Dreams of the Moon is a good example of a collection of pieces relating to universal themes addressed in an eminently readable and relatable manner which I believe every reader will find interesting, entertaining, and above all, personally meaningful. Not every writer can do that. Lorina makes it seem easy. That takes a masterful level of talent. These are very balanced, insightful, addictive stories. I’m impressed.

R. Graeme Cameron

Amazing Stories

Delicately woven surreal stories with luminous prose.

Swati Chavda

author, artist

Lorina Stephens writes beautiful and strange stories.


Book launch, June 8, 2021