The Mermaid’s Tale soon to be an audiobook

We’ve just signed a deal with a great voice actor and producer, Susan Iannucci, of Voice to Remember, to create an audiobook of D.G. Valdron’s hauntingly beautiful and dark novel, The Mermaid’s Tale. Production will be finished in the fall of 2017, with release likely some time around December 2017. The audiobook will be available through Audible and related channels. Stay tuned for updates!

Booksprens reviews D.G. Valdron’s The Mermaid’s Tale

There is a rather stunning review of D.G. Valdron’s equally stunning novel, The Mermaid’s Tale, over at Booksprens today. You’ll have to go there to read the entire, lengthy review, but a few highlights are warranted here: This novel is so much more then just a ‘Grimdark’, it was so freaking amazing and it was literally an emotional roller coaster. And: It got to the point where I would have to put the book down and just…

Melanie Marttila reviews The Mermaid’s Tale, by D.G. Valdron

The Mermaid’s Tale is a fable of personhood wrapped in a murder mystery framed by a fantasy setting, peopled by familiar races that are presented in subtly original ways. Valdron’s protagonist has no name. Most Arukh (orcs) don’t. The few that have been so graced have earned their names by distinguishing themselves from their mad and murderous brethren. Each race has its own name for the Arukh, but all of them translate to either abomination,…

Double book launch at When Words Collide

The poster pretty much says it all. But let’s recap: Five Rivers’ double book launch at When Words Collide, August 13, at Calgary Delta South, is open to the public; two of our best releases ever, by C.P. Hoff, and D.G. Valdron. One a madcap and endearing story that will have you laughing out loud. The other a dark journey into madness, and a battle between the profane and the sublime. Six copies of each title…

An editor considers character development

What is it about a story of fiction that sweeps you away? Aside from other key elements, I’m pretty sure it’s a fully developed character who speaks to you from the page or screen. It’s that character’s voice that whispers to you in your sleep, who disturbs you at work, during your commute, who becomes so real sometimes you ache for conversation with that person, you cry if they die, or crow when they triumph….