Review: The Third People, by Lee Burton

The Third People by Lee Burton My rating: 2 of 5 stars Lee Burton is a new author to me, one I came to, I must admit, because he is a Canadian writer, living and working in Newfoundland. He has garnered a few accolades in his time, most notably the Percy Janes First Novel Award, and a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest. In his biography, it’s noted: Though his stories are diverse,…

Bad Day Book Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Now isn’t that exciting? The publishers of The Bad Day Book have revealed the cover of their new anthology, which is all about how to have a bad-er-funny day. My story, “The Blessing of Survivalist Skills” is included in this hilarious romp of bad days turned comical. Release is scheduled for this summer of 2023, which means any day. For more information visit their website.

I’m still here

Been a bit AWOL Sorry about that. Life, you know? Seems it’s been since March that I’ve posted anything here, and what a journey it’s been. Why AWOL? Well, to be succinct, it was all about eldercare of my 93-year-old mother-in-law who has dementia. That will have to suffice as explanation for the high-drama and stress which has overshadowed our lives since March. We think we’re on track to better care for her. The next…

Murder on Her Mind

A New Reprint Sale and Publication The Murder on Her Mind anthology series is now live and populating the world with tales of murderous women, edited by Rasiika Sen. My story, “A Case of Time” I’m pleased to announce, makes an appearance here. It’s a twisted tale about criminal rehabilitation, and first appeared in my collection, And the Angels Sang. The blurb for Murder on Her Mind, Volume 01: Step into the thrilling and twisted world of murderous…

MetaStellar story publication

A Happy Reprint My short story, “Occupational Hazards, or The Quite Curious Tale of Ástridr Grimsdottir”, appears today at MetaStellar. It’s a weird bit of urban fantasy fiction about an artist who has been drinking scotch-er-tea. It’s a five minute read which should have you snickering in your scotch-er-tea. The story first appeared in Neo-opsis Magazine, Issue 25, May 1, 2015. Happy reading!