Three Great Books Unrolling from Five Rivers

Five Rivers has some fabulous books coming to you this summer. We’re so excited we’re ready to shout.

The first of our trio of fabulous books releases June 1, 2011, from well-known Five Rivers author, Nate Hendley. Crystal Death: North America’s Most Dangerous Drug, is a hard-hitting look at the most dangerous illegal drug in North America. A fact-based account featuring up to the minute interviews and life stories from users, dealers and doctors, with a Canadian perspective on the problem and its potential solutions. An important book for teachers, parents and anyone interested in, or living close to, this devastating drug.

Includes advice on how to talk effectively to your children and students about methamphetamine – and how not to!

It is available for preorder direct from Five Rivers, as well as through Chapters/Indigo.

Trade Paperback 6 x 9
132 pages
ISBN 9780973927832

Crystal Death will also be available in digital format about a week after the release of the print version.

Second Great Summer Book

August 1, 2011 a new cookbook from Lorina Stephens becomes available, Stonehouse Cooks. These are timeless recipes for the 21st century. Stonehouse Cooks offers recipes, meal plans and strategies to bring nutrition, delicious food and fun into the kitchen and on to the table. Lorina Stephens examines the real food revolution from both a modern and historical perspective.

As with all Five Rivers’ books, a digital format will be available about a week after release of the print version.

Trade Paperback 6 x 9
220 pages
ISBN 9780986642333

Stonehouse Cooks can be preordered directly from Five Rivers, or through Chapters/Indigo at 24% discount.

Gardening Gurus in the Fall
We are ridiculously excited to be presenting on September 1, 2011, gardening gurus, Patrick Lima & John Scanlan’s new, revised, updated, engaging, informative and fabulous The Organic Home Garden.

Patrick is the author of seven gardening books previously published by Key Porter and Camden House, as well as owner, with his partner John Scanlan, of the well-known Bruce Peninsula oasis, Larkwhistle.

With over 30 years of organic gardening experience, Patrick writes credibly and honestly, offering a step by step, no-nonsense approach for anyone interested in pursuing a greener, healthier lifestyle.

John is the visual artist of the duo, offering collage in photography and mixed media to create vibrant interpretations of everyday items.

In the Organic Home Garden, Patrick and John, take readers step-by-step through the engaging process of growing the best possible food – from spring’s first spinach, asparagus and salad greens, through the summer abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and all, right into fall’s harvest of squash, leeks, carrots and potatoes.

Often, a small timely tip makes all the difference, and this dynamic team leaves nothing out. Whether you tend a small city yard, a full-size country garden or something in between, their instructive, easy to follow and often humorous advice will ensure you make the very best use of the space you have — and you can’t get any more local, seasonal and organic than food from your own yard.

Combine this with John’s unique and vibrant artistic paintings, and you have a book that stands out from the wall of glossy, manufactured gardening publications, making The Organic Home Garden a stand-alone, stand-out book sure to intrigue and capture gardeners, artists and customers who conduct their lives to a different rhythm.
Trade Paperback 7 x 10
336 pages
ISBN 9780986542756

The Organic Home Garden is available for preorder directly through Five Rivers, or Chapters/Indigo at 34% discount.