Stonehouse Cooks, Another Great Release for Five Rivers

After much editing, testing, fussing, and organization we’re pleased to announce the release of Stonehouse Cooks, by Lorina Stephens.

The recipe book, compiled from years of cooking and experimentation, offers recipes, meal plans and strategies to bring nutrition, delicious food and fun into the kitchen and on to the table. Lorina Stephens examines the real food revolution from both a modern and historical perspective.

Approximately 200 recipes make up the collection, from the most simple of concoctions to more elaborate, and sometimes even historically inspired, fare. Lorina Stephens discusses the real food revolution from an honest and accessible perspective, allowing for frenetic schedules and budget considerations. There are even sections devoted to barbecuing tips, and campfire cookery advice and materials.

In keeping with the rustic nature of the book, images are in crisp black and white, many of which are the work of Vandy Simpson.

Stonehouse Cooks is now available in both print and digital formats from online booksellers worldwide, as well as directly from Five Rivers.

Trade Paperback 6″ x 9″, 232 pages
ISBN 9780986642333
$15.95 print
$4.95 digital (with special pricing at Amazon)