Coming this fall and winter from Five Rivers

We’ve had a fabulous year so far at Five Rivers, releasing seven books, and signing contracts for at least that many more.

This fall and winter will continue what we’ve started this year, with the release of eight books, possibly more.

What do we have lined up for you? Just take a look.

My Life as a Troll, by Susan Bohnet

Debut author Susan Bohnet has the second book in our new YA line. My Life as a Troll is a novel about a 14 year-old who becomes so addicted to one particular video game that it starts to intrude on his real life. Bohnet deftly blends the fast-paced action of Jarrad’s fantasy world with his attempts to negotiate the difficult landscape of high school, parental divorce, and emerging relationships.

88, by Mike Fletcher

Mike is another debut author who moonlights as a stay-at-home dad and sound engineer.

88, a brilliant autistic girl, has been genetically engineered and raised from birth to serve one purpose: become a human computer. Plagued by memories of a mother she never knew and a desire for freedom she barely understands, she sets herself against those who would be her masters. Unfortunately for 88, the Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia clan have other plans for her.

The Loremasters, by Leslie Gadallah

Originally published in 1988 by Del Rey, we’re pleased to bring this Canadian SF classic back into print for a new generation of readers. Gadallah’s novel pits a technological enclave against the surrounding feudal society, but unlike the typical SF spy novel, Gadallah gives the story her characteristic Canadian spin.

We’ll be releasing the novel under a new title, to better reflect the story, but we’re in deep discussion about that. Suggestions always welcome, especially from those of you familiar with the first release.

John Lennon: Music, Myth & Madness, by Nate Hendley,
Steven Truscott: Decades of Injustice, by Nate Hendley

Our popular author, Nate Hendley, sees two more books released this fall/winter. October 1 an intimate look at the legendary John Lennon releases with John Lennon: Music, Myth & Madness. That will be followed on November 1 by a heart-breaking overview of Steven Truscott’s long struggle to clear his name, and his eventual success, in the book Steven Truscott: Decades of Injustice. 

Both books are available now for pre-order under our book catalogue page.

Butterfly Stitching, by Shermin Nahid Kruse

Late this winter the debut novel, Butterfly Stitching, will be released. It is a fascinating and frightening story of a woman’s escape from the Iran during the Tehran revolution of 1979. Shermin, herself an immigrant Persian, now works as a lawyer and partner in a prestigious Chicago law firm.

Western King: Book 2, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston

The second book of Ann Marston’s much-beloved Rune Blades of Celi series, will be available late winter, continuing the story of the Celi struggle for independence and freedom.

Shakespeare for Readers’ Theatre:
Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream,
by John Poulsen

University of Lethbridge professor, performer, director and writer, John Poulsen, will bring to lovers of readers’ theatre, and Shakespeare, the first of a series of books created to highlight Shakespeare’s dramatic works. This first instalment, scheduled for release mid-winter, features three versions of three of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays.

Whew! That’s quite the line-up, if I do say so. Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we’re enjoying bringing them to you.