Caitlin Monney discusses cover concept for 88

Caitlin Monney

Here at Five Rivers we believe in developing new talent not only in the literary arts, but visual. So, when  editor Kelly Stephens introduced us to an acquaintance who is an aspiring illustrator, Caitlin Monney, we took a look at Caitlin’s work and thought how perfect it would be to have a debut illustrator create the cover for a debut novel, 88, by Michael R. Fletcher.

We sent Monney Fletcher’s manuscript, which is still in editing, gave her a few guidelines, and let her have at it.

She says of the cover, “The Giger Museum in Gruy√®re Switzerland provided me with an imaginary basis for the dark and biotechnological world in which 88 evolves. A young girl surrounded by a dark and claustrophobic environment, hooked up to tubes which join a spinal harness and feed her precious brain, are the central focus of this vibrant novel.

Cover for 88

“The dark and grey electronics in the background contrast with the bright blue of the serum injected within her spine, which is reflected in her cerebral lobes. The purple lighting emanating around her mirrors the polluted and chemically tainted outdoor atmosphere. The image of 88 faces away from the viewer, emphasizing her mysterious and brave character. As a simple design had been determined, I spent time on each detail in order to make it as realistic as possible. I put all the inspired ideas down in Illustrator before adding details and the organic feel in Photoshop. “

Monney completed a  Bachelor in Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto in 2012. She became increasingly interested in anatomical drawing coupled with medical science and has since pursued a career as an illustrator.

She is currently training in 3D animation to expand her artistic skills before starting a masters. She currently lives and studies in Switzerland.
Michael R. Fletcher’s novel will release in 2013 in both print and eBook formats.