Alicia Hendley’s Type gaining attention

Alicia Hendley’s forthcoming YA SF novel, Type, is destined, it would seem, for great things. This past summer Hendley wrote a screenplay based on Type, subsequently entered it in the Canada International Film Festival (CIFF), and was notified yesterday by CIFF officials she’s made the cut: “Your…screenplay has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 2013 Canada International Film Festival.”

According to CIFF information, Hendley’s screenplay is only one of 23 films and screenplays chosen to feature at the festival, selected from among hundreds of entries submitted from over 30 countries.

Awards are given for the top screenplays in competition. All films and screenplays featured in the Canada International Film Festival are selected based only on the overall quality and merits of the work. Organizers say, “We aim to discover and recognize simply the best new, original voices in storytelling from around the world.”

The 2013 Canada International Film Festival will be held April 5th to 6th, 2013 at the Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver. 
Alicia Hendley is also the author of A Subtle Thing, published 2010 b Five Rivers.
Five Rivers’ very best wishes go with Alicia Hendley. In fact, YOU GO, GIRL!
Alicia Hendley with brother and fellow writer, Nate Hendley,
at Toronto’s Word on the Street, 2010