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Jun 10, 13

Read from June 06 to 10, 2013

This is a novel set in the 1800s in which a young English girl is sent to live with her uncle in the wilds of Canada after the death of her parents. Danielle knows her uncle to be revengeful and bad man since he had bankrupted her parents before their deaths. When Danielle arrives to live with him, her worst fears are confirmed. She befriends an Indian shaman named Shadow Song. After witnessing an act of evil by her uncle, she runs away and becomes Shadow Song’s apprentice. She learns and lives with the native people, learning about how to respect nature and the way of the land. However, her uncle does not give up hunting for her and eventually Danielle and Shadow Song realize they must confront their hunters.

This is a very interesting novel as it very much goes into the culture and way of life of the Indians living in the Canadian forests. I found it very fascinating. Danielle is also a sympathetic and yet strong character. It is quite a lot that she had to live through.

I won this copy in one of the Goodreads giveaways.