LibraryThing 5-star review for A Method to the Madness

The following 5-star review of the madcap collection of articles known as A Method to the Madness: a Guide to the Super Evil, appeared on LibraryThing October 23. 

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

Book Info: Genre: Short story anthology/Self-help parody
Reading Level: MG on up
Recommended for: Those who want to be a super villain, or a supervillain for that matter…

My Thoughts: Okay, this was just hilarious. A series of articles including advice on all aspects of being Super Evil, including the care and maintenance of minions, presentation, etc. If you’ve been wanting some advice on how to be truly Evil, whether it’s big or small, you can find that here. Don’t miss the biography section at the end that gives information on the various villains that wrote the papers (and the pen names by which they are better known to the outside world). This is an all-ages sort of book, I think anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy it and have a lot of laughs, so definitely check it out

Disclosure: I received an e-book copy of this through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: In an almost unprecedented move, a conclave of The Super Evil convened last year at a secret lair in North America to create a guide book for aspiring ne’er-do-wells. The result? A collection of papers known generally as “A Method to the Madness: a Guide to the Super Evil,” a collection destined to become the handbook globally of every evil genius.

The collection includes 24 papers presented by evil luminaries such as Her Serene Omnipotence Calassandra, Conqueror and Empress; Janus Kinase Hateyuaniwae, BFA, PhD, PhD, FRCCP, P.Eng; and Dr. Evil-n-Carnate, Frequent Flyer, Grocery Shopper and Overlord Of Cubical Block 3257J – to name but a few.

Between the 24 sages who assembled at the North American Conclave, they created insightful papers on the pressing subjects of “Cognitive Perspective in the Pursuit of Evil; Principles of Biology and Genetics for Minion Breeding Programs;” and, “The Importance of Date Night to the Married Super Villain.”  )

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