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Nov 16, 13

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Read from September 23 to November 16, 2013

Quick review as I gave so little free time these days. Disclaimer first of all – I got a freebie copy of the book. However, if I don’t like something I’ll say so. I didn’t not like this!

“88” starts off in a cyber-future but unlike some books of the genre that seem to have their own language based vaguely on English, “88” is very readable. The “science” part is introduced smoothly and easily so that it allows the reads to focus on the “fiction” part.

It’s a good story with a nice bit of a moral quandary thrown in as an undercurrent – when does an artificial intelligence become less artificial to the point where it deserves rights? Coincidentally something I’ve been covering with pupils recently.

The real-world sections of the book are every bit as good as the cyber segments, with plenty of violence and bloodshed. It managed to chuck terms like “laser” and “gauss” around without sounding like the author’s ripped off a WH40k manual for reference.

Overall, a decent enough read and – importantly – well written.

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