4-stars for Derryl Murphy’s Wasps at the Speed of Sound

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A collection of 11 apocalypsi (apocalypses?) – I think the thing that impressed me the most was how very different all the apocalypsi were, apart from a common environmental theme. Well written stories, and I enjoyed reading all excepting one (What Goes Around, which I just didn’t get). My favourite is probably The History of Photography, but Blue TrainThe Abbey Engine, and Those Graves of Memory also made pretty good impressions.Day’s Hunt didn’t overly appeal – it was pretty gruesome in fact – but still well-written. I have the feeling if I met most of the protaganists in the street I’d possibly cross it to avoid them, but somehow despite that Derryl Murphy made me care about almost all of them, leaving only the viewpoint character in the final story (Laura, from Summer’s Humans) and everyone in the aforementioned What Goes Around that I was happy to leave.

Bottom line: Skip the foreword, go straight into the stories. A lot of interesting apocalypsi await you. )

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