4 stars for Old Growth, by Matt Hughes

A glowing 4-star review for Old Growth, by Matt Hughes, from a LibraryThing reviewer. Old Growth is the second book in the Sid Rafferty Thriller series.
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The language has a straight forward reading style and I finished the book in a couple of hours. My overall impression of the work is that it is quite masculine in feel. I do not mean that the crime solver, “Raff,” is a super hero kind of sleuth. In fact, he has a bit of the charming bumbliness of Inspector Clouseau, a bit of the exactitude of Holmes, and a smidge of the class of Poirot. This is not to say that he cannot survive several thrashings with injuries that most of us would not be able to manage. He does what it takes to make a living. He is sort of an ordinary Joe who finds himself, by chance, in the midst of the evil doings of greedy people. We like him and we want him to thrive. The book has gore and it has humor. The title is a term in forestry. Should we clear out the remains of the woods to build homes for humans? Does this land need to be “developed?” Should we disturb life as it has been for generations? Read it before it gets snapped up by media moguls. My thanks to LibraryThing for a complimentary copy.  )

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