LibraryThing praise for Shakespeare for Slackers: Romeo & Juliet

LibraryThing reviewers seem to love Shakespeare for Slackers: Romeo and Juliet.

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This is a review of the ebook version of Shakespeare for Slackers: Romeo and Juliet by Aaron Kite

This is really 3 books in one bind up:
* The ‘slackers’ version
* The original Shakespeare version
* The slackers and original version combined.

The slackers version uses today’s slang words and speech. It is an interpretation of the original text that allowed me to follow along to the original story, but I wasn’t bogged down by the original text’s way of speaking and side tangents. It is still set at the same time period and place. They do all the same things, but it’s written in an easier to digest, funny format.

The combined version is basically the original and slackers version spliced together and compared line by line. The original Shakespeare in italics to differentiate between the two books. It was like I had my own personal translator with a wicked sense of humor, which I really loved!

This book is perfect for people like myself who really want to read classics but are intimidated by the prospect. I will be keeping my eye out for more books in this format in the future!  )

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