Goodreads reviewer gives 5-star rating to The Tattooed Seer

The second novel in Susan MacGregor’s Tattooed Witch Trilogy, The Tattooed Seer, released August 1, 2014, and launch at this year’s When Words Collide convention.

Recently a Goodreads reviewer wrote the following about MacGregor’s novel:

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Aug 18, 14

Read from July 24 to August 15, 2014

I’ll begin this review with a caution. Susan MacGregor’s “The Tattooed Seer” is a sequel to last year’s “The Tattooed Witch”. I read the latter about a year ago, and even with that relatively short period of time, I found myself struggling at times to remember the backstory. So, if you have not read “The Tattooed Witch” read it first. It’s a wonderful book and will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the “The Tattooed Seer”.
So on with the review of this book. Susan MacGregor sets her books in 16th century Spain, where a magical band of gypsies are fleeing persecution from Tomas, the Grand Inquisitor for the Spanish Inquisition. The book is fantasy but that hasn’t stopped the writer from doing meticulous historical research, so much so that most readers of historical fiction or romance will find much to like here.
The story centers around Miriam, the band’s matriarch and her struggles to lead her people to safety. Her life is complicated not just by the inherent dangers of their situation, but also by two lovers, one of whom is corporal and the other spiritual. This may well be the oddest love triangle I’ve ever encountered but it works beautifully.
Miriam’s powers come from self-inflicted magical tattoos but she is not alone. Each member of her band has their own special ability but they must work together or perish at the hands of Tomas. Getting them to do so is part of the challenge facing Mariam.
If you are a fan of historical fantasy or romance this book will sit in your sweet spot. But here’s the thing. I’m not and yet this book still works for me, largely because Susan MacGregor is a literary craftsman. In my world fine writing trumps genres any time and this is fine writing. 
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