Writing After Retirement

Five River Publishing’s Senior Editor, Robert Runté, has a chapter in the newly released Writing After Retirement: Tips by Successful Retired Writers [edited by Christine Redman-Waldeyer and Carole Smallwood. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press (Imprint of UK’s Rowman & Littlefield)]. His Chapter is “Estate Planning for Authors” which hopefully will help authors plan how they want their literary legacy handled after they’re gone….

The other 26 chapters in the collection are filled with tips on how to write by successful authors from across a variety of genres and communities. Together, they provide a pretty realistic portrayal of the challenges / obstacles aspiring writers face. This collection is aimed at writers starting after retirement, but most of the advice would be applicable to everyone.

A Five Rivers’ title which might also be of interest to aspiring writers is Nate Hendley’s Motivate to Create: A Guide for Writers. Nate is a veteran freelance writer and explains how to start up or step-up your writing career. Straight-forward advice and commentary on the largely unexplored topic of motivation. Motivation is the mysterious life force that propels people to achieve and do things, be it write a book, run a marathon, or earn a million dollars in the oil patch. Motivation involves many elements, including inspiration (the sudden flood of ideas or images), goal setting and self-discipline.