Sequel to Type releases April 1, 2015

The sequel to Alicia Hendley’s suspenseful YA near-future novel Type, entitled Type2, releases April 1, 2015 in both print and eBook formats.

ISBN 9781927400852 $19.99
eISBN 9781927400869 $4.99

The dynamic cover is by Five Rivers’ Art Director, Jeff Minkevics. We thought fans would be interested to read about the process behind the cover design, and so tapped the depths of Jeff’s prodigiously creative mind.

JM: The challenge behind the cover for Type2 was the same sort of challenge that presents itself whenever doing artwork for a sequel — coming up with something fresh and visually interesting that works on its own, but that also has a similar look, feel, and overall concept as the first. For the original Type cover the idea was to use three out of four Myers-Briggs pair initials in the title, then alter a fourth one to make the ‘Y’, since the four Myers-Briggs pairs don’t use that particular letter. The 4-letter combinations that made up personality types were meant to look authoritarian and repetitive, with the word ‘Type’ jumping out at you in red from where the four necessary letters happened to line up.

With Type2 I wanted a similar authoritarian feel, but didn’t want the letters to operate the same way with the background. What I came up with was the idea of metallic letters mounted on a granite or marble surface, each group of four spelling out a Myers-Briggs personality type, as before. However, rather than simply alter the letters to spell out Type, I felt the title would benefit from associations with rebellion, and disrupting the status quo. I wanted it to look like the letters had been forcibly removed from the wall, with the letters for the word ‘Type’ scratched into the wall where they had once been.

Halfway into creating the ‘scratches’ I quickly realized that the letters in the title would likely have similar weight and coloring to the letters that remained untouched, or even less weight, which would be a problem. After figuring there needed to be more differentiation between title and background, and since the overall colour scheme was relatively close, I re-introduced red over top of the title letters in a manner that could hint at both spray-paint and blood, and since both are consistent with the theme of rebellion it seemed perfect. Now the title jumps off the page at you, and although this is a completely different visual environment than was used in the first Type novel, it has many things in common with it stylistically, and thematically.

About Type2

Type2 takes up where Type left off. With more and more people who refuse to follow Typology’s rules being Ended, thirteen year old Sophie and other members of the Group know time is running out to make society aware of just how evil The Association of Psychologists truly is. The Group seeks help from the Tens, a band of men who have been secretly fighting against The Association’s twisted use of Myers-Briggs personality typing since they were boys.

Together they attempt to slowly spread the truth about Typology to the public, in the hopes of building up a large enough resistance to overthrow The Association. Suddenly, plans change and the Group must act quickly, or risk losing all they’ve fought for. Ultimately, everything depends on knowing who can be trusted and who cannot. With so much at stake, Sophie rapidly learns all is not as it seems.

About Alicia Hendley

Alicia Hendley is the mother of four, as well as a writer. Her first novel, A Subtle Thing, was published by Five Rivers Publishing in 2010. Her poem Mediation was published in Room magazine (Issue 34.3). She was long-listed for the Vanderbilt-Exile Short Fiction Award in both 2010 and 2011. Her creative non-fiction piece Passed Over was published in the April issue of Hippocampus Magazine. Her screenplay Snake Oil was short-listed for the Gotham Screen International Film Festival’s screenplay contest.

Alicia blogs regularly for a regional autism website ( She has a PhD in clinical psychology.

Type2 is now available for pre-order, and will be available in online bookstores worldwide in both print and eBook, as well as select bookstores.