Dutch Schultz, by Nate Hendley, receives high praise from former Ithaca Journal reporter

I thoroughly enjoyed your book, “Dutch Schultz: the Brazen Beer Baron of New York.” You deftly blended the story of Arthur Flegenheimer with the history — and zeitgeist — of the prohibition era. Here are two of your stand-out sentences:

    “The urge to drink proved stronger than the will to obey the law. Almost overnight, an enormous black market in spirits sprang up, serviced by young, enterprising criminals.”
    “Against this backdrop of social engineering, Arthur was released.”

We’re lucky to have writers like you, Selwyn Rabbb and T.J. English in the canon of crime literature. You and others give readers a path through the forest of facts.

—Raymond Drumsta (former Police and Courts Reporter at Ithaca Journal)