Alison Lohans signs with Five Rivers Publishing

Five Rivers Publishing takes pride in our efforts to give Canadian authors a voice. We believe our creative talent expresses unique values, concerns and issues that resonate with Canadian sensibilities, and given exposure to an international audience, these stories are representative of what it means to be Canadian, maybe not in an obvious way, but usually with the subtlety we are known for.

We are happy to announce that we have found another voice we are proud to amplify. Five Rivers Publishing has signed Alison Lohans for her forthcoming novel, Timefall. This is an omnibus collection for her previously published novels Collapse of the Veil and The Crossing.

Timefall is a young adult speculative fiction novel featuring a teen mom thrust into fantastical circumstances. Alison regards Timefall fondly as her “monsterpiece,” a decade-long labour of love, growing from an image of a young girl holding a baby while a man in flowing robes attempts to take the child away.

Five Rivers’s senior editor Robert Runté was charmed by Timefall’s time displacement storyline and environmental themes, but more than the setting, Timefall’s characters, which he describes as “real teenagers dealing with real life problems.” Robert believes Timefall is the right book for this generations’ youth because teens are now “more aware of environmental issues” and “more open to speculative fiction.” The young adult demographic is also ready for a protagonist who is motivated by more than a heroic mission. Robert finds Timefall “refreshing”, and he also celebrates Alison as an author who understands how teens act and behave. Robert observes Timefall’s protagonist as all “irrational, irritable, impatient, passionate, and idealistic impulses that ebb and flow as the character gropes towards maturity.”

Timefall will be ready for the public in 2017.

About the Author

Alison Lohans is an award-winning, internationally-published author of 26 books for young people. She has won awards, done hundreds of readings, taught many courses, and mentored a growing number of successful authors.

When not writing, she can often be found playing her cello, recorder or cornet in a variety of musical groups. She also likes to explore different parts of the world.

Alison lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her two furry friends, Bailey and Sebastian.​