Next book Prime Ministers of Canada Series releases December 1, 2016

9781988274133_coverWe’re pleased to announce the next book in our Prime Minister of Canada Series, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

Before he was elected to office, he hitch-hiked across North Africa, swam the Bosporus Strait on a whim, and ran with the bulls in Pamplona – twice. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada’s 15th Prime Minister, could be called the most colourful of them all.

Trudeau was confident that his informed opinions were good for all Canadians. Not everyone agreed. Suspending civil liberties with the War Measures Act wasn’t even his most controversial decision, at least, not to those who are still stuttering mad about his National Energy Program or White Paper on Indian Affairs. From his youth as a backwoods canoeist and political activist, to his retirement from politics and the law, Pierre Trudeau lived a life that was, as he put it, “one long curve, full of turning points.”

That long curve is traced in this new biography, with turning points from Pierre Trudeau’s home life, his political machinations, and the lifelong love he had for wilderness places. Details come together here in a narrative that shows how he became a citizen of the world.

Deftly written by Paula Johanson, the book is an excellent addition to the series.

For over twenty-five years, Paula Johanson has worked as a writer, teacher and editor. Among her twenty-nine books on science, health and literature the most recent are Love Poetry: How Do I Love Thee? (Enslow Publishers), What Is Energy? from the series Let’s Find Out! (Rosen Publishing), and the science fiction anthology Opus 6 (Reality Skimming Press).

An accredited teacher, she has written and edited curriculum educational materials. Recently she completed an MA in Canadian Literature at the University of Victoria.

A lifelong hockey fan, she listened on radio to the first Canada/Russia hockey series, and is proud to have played a pick-up game on a frozen pond.

Pierre Ellliot Trudeau releases December 1, 2016. Five Rivers is taking pre-orders for both the print and digital editions, which will be available through online booksellers and digital partners worldwide.