Caliban, by Lorina Stephens, now available for pre-order

Caliban coverThe wait is over! A new novella from Lorina Stephens releases March 1, 2018, and is now available for pre-order in both print and EPUB.

Lorina says, “I began Caliban in the 1980s, wrote it fast and furiously, and abandoned it for several decades. Originally I wanted to tell a story about a character utterly alien to human sensibilities, a character who, by the standards of his universe, was considered ugly, terrifying, bound by symbiosis to his native planet. So, it was to be a story about the concept of beauty. But it also was to be a story about the concept of reality, and that story told through another character for whom reality was subjective, something to be created and dissolved as required, and because of that ability, incapable of defining her reality for her universe. I wondered what it would be like for these two isolated people to find a way to resolve their problems and restrictions.”

And so Caliban evolved, was revised during the years from 2014 to 2018, now brought to Lorina’s fans in 2018.

The brilliant cover is by Five Rivers’ genius art director, Jeff Minkevics.

Michael Fletcher, author of the well-received, dark and gritty novel, Beyond Redemption (Harper Voyager), says about Caliban: “Rich with characters and character, Caliban marries gorgeous prose and emotional punch.”

Award-winning spec-lit author, (Black Wine, and Paradigm of Earth) Candas Jane Dorsey, says, “…an allegory of a person out of place who brings their anchor with them in the form of deep strength and clarity of character.”

Caliban is available now for pre-order directly through Five Rivers, and within days from your favourite online bookseller.