Prix Aurora Award nominations now open

The Prix Aurora Awards are now open for nomination. Five Rivers Publishing has several eligible works you should consider:

In the Novel Category

A Poisoned PrayerA Poisoned Prayerby Michael Skeet. This is a swashbuckling tale with a strong female protagonist, an interesting twist on magic and Catholicism, set in a pseudo-17th century France around the time of The Three Musketeers. 

A Time and a PlaceA Time and a Placeby Joe Mahoney. Weird, wonderful, a Dirk Gentlyesque tale gone complete awry and absurd.

In the YA Novel category

Avians, by Timothy Gwyn. Why should you consider this? It’s one of the most refreshing, original YA novels I’ve ever had the privilege to read, let alone publish. All female protagonists. A unique world. It’s all about challenges and empowerment, and gliders!

Diamonds in Black Sandby Ann Marston. A classic origins tale, deftly told by a master of her craft, Ann Marston. A Celtic feel to the novel.

In the Best Artist category
Ann Crowe

Ann Crowe, for her cover for AviansAnn takes classic illustration into a new generation fusing hand-work with digital.

How to vote
From the CSFFA website

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Aurora Awards.  You have until end of day, Midnight EST, on May 26 to finalize your choices.

The new nomination forms are fantastic, and our webmaster has made them easier to use.  Details on how to use the forms are on the opening page when you request to start nominating.

What’s new:
•       You now select candidates from drop-down lists that are based on our verified Eligibility lists.
•       Each nomination page can be saved and returned to, to modify, at a later
•       You are only done when you click the finalize button on the Main nomination page.  This must be done before nominations close.

NOTE:  Before you start nominating make sure everything you want to select is on the Eligibility lists.  If not, you will need to submit it.  It could take between 24 to 48 hours to be reviewed and verified.