Allow me to introduce: Candas Jane Dorsey

Candas Jane Dorsey
photo by Hugh A.D. Spencer

Candas Jane Dorsey is Canada’s Ursula K. leGuin. An insightful, provocative writer and poet, she is a passionate arts advocate and champion of social justice. If you dig into much of Canada’s SF&F movement, you will likely find Candas somewhere there in the background.

An Alberta native, Candas has been writing from the time she was a girl, completely fearless in her deconstruction of boundaries in genre and gender. As well as her work as a writer of fiction, she was the editor-in-chief of The Books Collective, out of which came the present day Tesseracts Books now owned by Hades Publications. It is largely in part to Candas’ efforts that SF Canada was founded.

In 1997 she received the James Tiptree Jr Award, Crawford Award, and Prix Aurora Award for her devastating, haunting and beautifully written novel, Black WineWhen the rights for the novel returned to her, Five Rivers was pleased to pick up the option to publish it in both print and eBook. It’s presently in production for an audiobook, narrated by Diana Majlinger, and looks to release either late this year or early 2019. Today Black Wine continues to captivate readers, and is studied in universities across the country.

These days Candas continues to write fiction, as well as scripts for television and stage, works as a journalist, reviewer, and teaches university courses in literature.

If you haven’t read any of Candas’ work, you should. Her stories will push your imagination.