For your social distancing hours

What to do? What to Do?

Many of us are working from home, or are confined to home because of Covid19 quarantine or shutdowns. Some of us are seeking entertainment now that our social calendars have gone poof.

So, as Five Rivers’ way of helping to fill that time, keep you engaged and entertained, we’re offering a free ebook a week through Kobo. Why Kobo? Because of all the digital platforms they have the least restrictive and demanding platform of any distributor, most especially Amazon, with a global reach. And if you are reading on a Kindle or other device, and require a format different than an EPUB, you can easily download the free Calibre app and convert to MOBI, PDF, or whatever else you require. All our ebooks are DRM free, so you won’t have a problem.

For the First Week

This week we’re showcasing the first in the Tattooed Witch trilogy by Susan MacGregor. It’s about a seven to eight hour read, full of wonderful historical inspiration from the Spanish Inquisition, the Romani, a bit of magic, some romance, intrigue, dastardly villains and reluctant heroes. You can link to the Kobo page here.

The sale continues from today until March 23.

And if you enjoy it, please leave a review on Facebook, Kobo, LibraryThing, or Goodreads.