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Dreams of the Moon

My new collection of short stories, Dreams of the Moonis now available in print and ebook for preorder on all your favourite sites. It releases June 1, 2021. Why not preorder your copy today?

Amazon, Indigo, Google, Smashwords, Target, Apple, McNally Robinson, Barnes and Noble, and a plethora of others worldwide. If you are near a bookstore with an Espresso Book Machine service, you can also order it through that system. Once the collection releases, you can also borrow it through most of the online ebook libraries. Conversely, you can bug your local bookseller or library to bring in a copy.

And just as a teaser

Richard Graeme Cameron has written a simply stunning review for his weekly column at Amazing Stories. I am quite astonished and gratified.

The full review is here.

He’s said wonderful things as in his statement about the short story Wendy:

Writers take note. This is how you inject fresh meaning and insight into old tropes. Very ingenious and extraordinarily humane. Not utopian SF, but definitely a refreshing contrast to the usual dire dystopian approach so common in the genre. Want to write positive science fiction? This is a splendid example. Gritty enough to be “real,” yet ultimately pleasantly reassuring and upbeat.

And then about the short story, Civil Liberties:

Again. Lorina utilizes up-close and-personal intimacy to comment on larger issues. No matter what the situation, her focus is always on the individuals involved. There are no essays here. Only people struggling to cope. This technique makes it easy for the reader to relate to what is going on and consider the implications. A window to contemplation and reflection.

And there’s more. Much more.

Virtual Book launch

Then, on June 3, 7:30 to 9:30 PM EDT, I’m having a virtual book launch, hosted by Richard Graeme Cameron, and moderated by Joe Mahoney. Details are on my Facebook announcement here.

And there we go. Lots of wonderful news, and hopefully for you, some wonderful reading.