Review and book launch video for Dreams of the Moon

Dreams of the Moon

So much news!

Author and artist, Swati Chavda, offered this review of Dreams of the Moon on Goodreads:


The cover of this book—with its stark mountainous landscape and a lone girl gazing with wonder at the moon-jellyfish chimera floating shimmering in the sky—promised me a unique experience that would take me out of my pandemic-induced limbo.

The stories surpassed that promise, taking me through a dreamy, surreal experience full of wonder in strange, magical worlds and alternate realities.

You don’t want to rush through these stories. Each one is meant to be savoured sip by sip, like fine wine. Each time I finished reading a story, its resonance lingered for the next few days such that I was reluctant to move on to the next one. The characters within these pages took me along on a journey, revealing the pangs of mortality, or stasis of immortality, and also the nature of un-death.

The author is clearly adept at weaving sentences in a delicate lace, building nuance upon nuance until a pattern emerges that makes you sit up and gasp in recognition and wonder.

I’m going to look for longer works from this author, for this lovely collection has left me wanting even more.

And then there’s this:

Richard Graeme Cameron, publisher of Polar Borealis, and Joe Mahoney, author of A Time and a Place, were kind enough to host, record, and edit my encore book launch for Dreams of the Moon on Tuesday, June 8. The video is appended below. Hope you enjoy.