My art in Owen Sound

The Owen Sound Art Banner Project

The Owen Sound Art Banner Project is an annual street art exhibition showcasing the works of local artists on street banners displayed along Owen Sound’s harbour walkway. Artists from Grey and Bruce Counties are invited to submit their work each year.

Patrons are invited to sponsor these banners for $100.

Since 2009, the Owen Sound Art Banner Project has been proud to celebrate the talent and success of local art community by showcasing artists’ works on professionally produced banners throughout Owen Sound.

The Owen Sound Art Banner Committee is a group of local volunteers actively building broad support and participation in the project. In addition to adding artistic value to the downtown street scape, this exhibition increases tourist interest and civic pride in Downtown Owen Sound and the surrounding area.

The banners are funded by art patrons, who receive them at the end of their public display period. This process keeps interest high, and creates an annual stream of fresh images.

Why am I telling you this?

My watercolour painting, Spruce Bog, has been accepted for the display, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Spruce Bog
Spruce Bog

If you’re interested in sponsoring this banner, and then owning it at the end of the season, just follow this link.

Of course, if you’re interested in acquiring the original, the link to that is here.

And should you be touring the West Grey region, and dropping by Owen Sound, would love to see a photo of the banner, and you! You can either leave that in the comments, or email me an image, or even post it to Facebook if you’re on that platform, and let me know you’ve done that. The banners should be on display from June 5 through the summer.

Origin of the painting

Back in 1991 Gary and I were teaching a photography workshop at Agawa Bay Provincial Park. On our way home that early Monday morning we spotted this spruce bog off to the east side of the Trans Canada Highway where it leaves the shore of Lake Superior and winds through the remains of ancient mountains, lakes, black spruce and granite rock. Mist was rising off the bog, the light pale and fragile. It was like a scene from the beginning of time. We stopped, and I took a few hasty charcoal sketches. Later in the fall, working from my booth at the Orangeville Farmer’s Market, I started the painting. I remember clearly one older fellow tromping through the market who paused and peered over my shoulder, harrumphed, and commented I was no artist, but rather someone who did paint by number. I stood there a bit like a gaping fish, quite flummoxed. It was probably best I hadn’t fired back with some rejoinder. I wonder what he’d think, if he’s still even walking the earth, should he learned of my remembrance of his comment and the fact this paint by number will be reproduced and hanging for public appreciation in Owen Sound this year.

Regardless, I’m pleased with how the painting turned out, and delighted it will be on public display this summer.