Murder on Her Mind

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Murder on Her Mind, Volume 1

The Murder on Her Mind anthology series is now live and populating the world with tales of murderous women, edited by Rasiika Sen.

My story, “A Case of Time” I’m pleased to announce, makes an appearance here. It’s a twisted tale about criminal rehabilitation, and first appeared in my collection, And the Angels Sang.

The blurb for Murder on Her Mind, Volume 01:

Step into the thrilling and twisted world of murderous women in MURDER ON HER MIND, an international anthology of modern fiction featuring a diverse array of brilliant authors from around the world. This fascinating collection of stories explores the complex and varied motivations of murderous women, delving deep into the shades of their intentions.

From shockingly primal to deftly subtle, the 22 pieces of fiction in this first volume will leave you breathless and baying for more. The stunning and richly illustrated paperback edition adds an extra layer of immersion to this captivating anthology.

Prepare to meet a fierce mother who murders her evil husband after he threatens to sell their child, before diving into a time-bending fantasy that will leave you questioning whether NOT saving someone can make you a murderer. Righteous reasons intermingle with wicked motives in this collection, as women serial killers and their pursuers take center stage in multiple tales, alongside other women who kill with malice.

From poisoning a victim, hurling a former lover’s wife off a cliff to weaving a tapestry of blood and violence that leaves nothing but destruction in its wake, these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. Murder on Her Mind is a must-read for anyone who loves thrilling and thought-provoking fiction.

Authors featured in Volume One are: A. Joseph Black, Andrew Kurtz, Anna Hallett, Destiny Eve Pifer, Dibyasree Nandy, Ed Friedman, Fariel Shafee, John Di Donna, Jonah Jones, Lawrence Dagstine, Lorina Stephens, Maggie D Brace, Matt Martinek, Pauline Chow, Rob D. Smith, Robb T. White, Robert McDermott, Seán McNicholl, Stephanie Scissom, Tanja Cilia, Toshiya Kamei, Urmi.

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