Gifts for crime fans

This holiday season you might consider some perfect pairings from Five Rivers for your gift-giving, in either print or eBook. For the lover of true-crime stories, might we suggest… Al Capone: Chicago’s King of Crimeby Nate Hendley Dutch Schultz: the brazen beer baron of New Yorkby Nate Hendley Crystal Death: Methamphetamine, North America’s #1 Killer Drugby Nate Hendley Steven Truscott: Decades of Injusticeby Nate Hendley

Why We Published: The Books of 2011

By the time 2011 rolled around we were really beginning to ramp up. Robert Runte had joined us as Senior Editor (also known as Wing-Man), and with him he brought an entirely new perspective and invaluable skills. It was under his editorial guidance we released The Organic Home Garden, by Patrick Lima and John Scanlan. Patrick Lima approached me late in 2010, wondering if I’d be interested in publishing a revised version of his orphaned book….

Twitterview with Nate Hendley, author of Crystal Death

Novel Publishing Group Twitterviewed Nate Hendley, author of Crystal Death, on Friday, June 3, 2011. The graphic transcript of that interview appears below. Crystal Death is a hard-hitting look at the most dangerous illegal drug in North America. A fact-based account featuring up to the minute interviews and life stories from users, dealers and doctors, with a Canadian perspective on the problem and its potential solutions. An important book for teachers, parents and anyone interested…

Introduction from Crystal Death

We’re pleased to present the introduction from Crystal Death: North America’s Most Dangerous Drug, by Nate Hendley. Crystal Death is available in print and digital formats from online booksellers worldwide, as well as directly from Five Rivers.  Introducing Meth On February 21, 2003, David Parnell–a sometime factory worker and full-time methamphetamine addict–tried to kill himself with an SKS assault rifle. The thirty-six-year-old had taken to toting the weapon around his Martin, Tennessee home, shooting…