Starting today through August 31, my collection of short stories, And the Angels Sang, is free at Kobo! Think of this as my pandemic relief package to all of you. Recently, R. Graeme Cameron over at Amazing Stories reviewed the collection and had this to say in his summary: Is this “New Wave” science Fiction? “Feminist” fantasy? The very opposite of the kind of concept-driven pulp fiction I prefer? Sad puppies need not fear, here. Yes, the…

Revised and updated And the Angels Sang

Sometimes balls drop Yeah, yeah, I know, I really probably shouldn’t have used that header. But it got your attention, didn’t it? Seriously, though, I honestly did drop the things I was juggling. Well, not for the first time, but apparently I had completely forgotten a year and a half ago I was going to go with a updated and new shiny revision of And the Angels Sang. But, well, you know–life. It happens to you. It…

Why We Published: the books of 2008 and 2009

When Five Rivers launched into publishing, it was with humble beginnings and a small catalogue, primarily my own works. It was never my intention for Five Rivers to be a vanity house, yet in those first two years we were very embryonic, soliciting manuscripts and developing our mandate, which was to be a showcase of new and established Canadian voices. We tested the waters with: Shadow Song, by Lorina Stephens, August 2008 And the Angels…

May Sale

In celebration of spring, Five Rivers is having a May Sale. Until May 31, 12:00 a.m., select titles are only $5.00 through our secure, online shopping cart. Why not pick up a read for your upcoming vacation, or buy all five? At this price they’re a steal.  $5.00 until May 31, 2011  $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011

The Gift

By way of a gift to Five Rivers supporters, readers, fans, we’re offering you this excerpt from Lorina Stephens’ collection of short stories, And the Angels Sang. The work is held under copyright by Lorina Stephens, and may not be reproduced in any form without direct permission of the author. The Gift Without Laura’s environmental data the geological report meant little. Again Brian glanced at the calendar on the computer. A dark square outlined today….