John Steckley to publish with Five Rivers

John Steckleyphoto by Emary Johnston In an agreement finalized last week, Humber College professor, John Steckley will publish a middle-school text, The Invisible Ape, with Five Rivers. Steckley has been teaching at Humber College in Toronto since 1983, and has also taught Anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland and at Trent University, and Native Studies and Anthropology at Laurentian University. He has published 12 books, including Beyond Their Years: Five Native Women’s Stories (1999); (with Bryan Cummins) Full Circle: Canada’s…

Another début novelist to publish with Five Rivers

Susan Bohnet Part of our mandate here at Five Rivers states specifically that we give voice to Canadian authors. Part of that mandate includes giving voice to new Canadian authors. It’s difficult enough as a writer to elicit the notice of publishers, and despite the fact we periodically are swamped with unsolicited submissions, we really don’t want to change that if at all possible. So many presses, whether large or small, close the doors, work…

Peter Such’s Earthbaby to breathe again

Peter Such In 2005 Ekstasis Editions published Peter Such’s science fiction novel, Earthbaby, which, despite excellent reviews, quietly slipped out of print. Over the course of this summer Robert Runte, Lorina Stephens, Marian Hebb and Peter Such came to an agreement to reissue a revised version of that worthy novel, under its original title, Forevering. The story remains contemporary in the face of climate change, manipulation of civilian initiatives, and continued global, political unrest. Such brings with…

Word on the Street 2012

While J.W. Schnarr was in Calgary doing Horror Con, Nate Hendley was in Toronto at the Crime Writers Association of Canada’s booth at Word on the Street. Nate reports attendance was quite good despite scudding fall showers, as you can see from the photos he sent along. Nate Hendley (far left behind table) greeting visitors to Toronto’s WOTS Nate Hendley (centre)

Calgary Horror Con 2012

This past weekend J.W. Schnarr was at Calgary Horror Con, manning the ship for Five Rivers. Looks like he and his daughter, Aurora the awfully cute Monster, had a gruesomely wonderful time. Left to right: Aurora-The-Monster-Madisson, Kane Hodder, J.W. Schnarr Aurora manning Five Rivers’ table