New Creative and Art Assistant, Grace Wirzba

Grace Wirzba

We’re continuing to develop our creative crew here at Five Rivers Publishing, and are very pleased to welcome in the capacity of Art and Creative Assistant, Grace Wirzba.

Grace is a student and artist at the University of Lethbridge. She wasn’t one of those people who drew since she could hold a pencil. High school was where she fell in love with art. Encouraged by teachers, professors and fellow artists she pursued the idea of a career in art in tandem with museum studies.

After constantly fielding questions about the possibility of a career in the arts, she is excited to say she is currently working at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, teaching children’s art classes and working with senior artists throughout the community.

An internship at Five Rivers Publishing was an opportunity she happened upon on a regular Saturday afternoon after meeting Robert Runté at an art gallery event. She is extremely excited to experience working with a publishing team on book design and cover work. She wants to say thank you for being welcomed onto the team!

And we at Five Rivers would like to say we look forward to a great voyage together.

You can discover more about Grace at her website.

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